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Affordable, Trusted Linux Server / VPS Maintenance



Debian Based Server Maintenance


Every site with a maintenance package is backed up prior to any update.

Wordpress Core Updates

WordPress core updates are applied in every maintenance window.

Wordpress Theme Updates

WordPress theme updates are applied in every maintenance window.

Wordpress Plugin Updates

WordPress plugin updates are applied in every maintenance window.

Safe Browsing

Sites scanned with Google Safe Browsing every 24 hours.

Broken Link Checker

Site is scanned for any existing broken links.

Malware Scans

Sites can be scanned for malware / security issues.  Choice of Ithemes Security, Securi, or Wordfence.

Uptime Monitor

Check if your site has been unavailable for any period of time.

Maintenance Reports

Receive regular reports on the maintenance and monitoring performed on your sites.

Version hold

Block a particular plugin/theme from updating, allow everything else to update normally.

Manual Verification

Every site is manually checked to still be working after every update.


If any problems are encountered during an update the site is restored to its previous working state.

Plans For Every Need

Why Choose Server / VPS Maintenance?


Secures Your Website

Avoids Problems

For security, and for compatibility, you need to keep your operating system up-to-date.  But maybe while you know what software you need, and can follow the installation instructions… keeping it all updated after that might be outside your comfort zone.

Any single update might break your software  without warning, and it’s so easy to just try to install this quick little update without remembering to create a backup first…. 

unattended-updates is the answer, but even that will just install updates as and when they’re released..   we will configure and restrict it so it only runs at a specific time, on a specific day of the week/month as you need it.

you know exactly when any updates would be installed, and when a server will be rebooted.

Saves Your Time.

Time is Money

The longer your server is left outdated the more security vulnerabilities might be found, and hackers are never going to stop trying to break into servers.

You can’t just ignore updates though, the longer your server is left outdated the more security vulnerabilities might be found, and hackers are never going to stop trying to break into servers.

With our maintenance packages, all that time and hassle you would spend keeping your server or VPS updated would all be handled by us. Leaving you free to focus on what’s actually important to you.

Which Package?

Choosing the right option for your website.

Ideally, maintenance would be performed every day, however, we understand that such an expense may not be justifiable for the size/popularity/purpose of a particular website.

If your website is just a personal site, for a hobby or interest,  or is just a site that doesn’t often get new content, then you should be safe enough with a monthly maintenance package.. 

if the site does ever get compromised, or broken, it’s easy enough to restore the last update backup without any further issue.

For a site that receives regular new content, gets a decent amount of visitors, or is your businesses window to the world, we’d recommend at least weekly maintenance.

If your site is business critical, takes multiple orders / bookings daily, or is your main source of income, it should be protected as much as possible, so for these sites, we would highly recommend you opt for daily maintenance.


At the very least, for a business/income critical site, ensure it is backed up daily (easy to configure within our own hosting control panel. And if daily maintenance is too much.. perhaps try our monthly or weekly packages with the security+ option